MU Faculty Council Calls for a Change in the Strategic Operations Plan

Oct 10, 2014

The Faculty Council is taking a look at the future of faculty at MU. 

The MU Faculty Council met Thursday to discuss how faculty will be a part of the Strategic Operations Plan and is requesting some improvements the part of the plan that affect faculty. 

Credit Jay Buffington / Wikimedia Commons

The meeting focused on feedback of what was working and not working and how the University of Missouri System would evaluate MU’s performance. Tim Evans is an Associate Professor in the College of Veterinary Medicine and is the chairman of the Student affairs committee for the MU Faculty Council.  Evans says is trying to find the Faculty’s role in the Strategic Operations Plan.

“How does that play in at the campus level get developed, how is it evaluated on campus and what’s faculty’s role in that,” says Evans.

The Strategic Operations Plans includes many goals regarding students such as: improving retention rate, increasing the number of students who apply for study abroad, and making campus safer. But the MU Faculty Council believes the section in the plan about faculty is too narrow and doesn’t represent the scope of what faculty does at MU. Dennis Miller is an Associate Professor of Psychological Sciences and the chairman of the Intercampus Faculty Council. Miller says this plan will take a series of trial and errors to be successful.