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MU Hosts First ESports Recruitment Cycle

Mar 14, 2019

Credit Noah Taborda / KBIA

Recruits and their families gathered from around the country on Wednesday as part of the first Mizzou Esports recruitment cycle. The University announced in December the creation of an esports program, which would center around the game Overwatch. Now recruits are getting the chance to meet potential teammates.

Arabella McIntire is a freshman and was the first commit back in December. She said she expects the chemistry the team builds now will help them be more cohesive during competitions.

“I’m just looking forward to getting to know everybody and play together and build a really good program and a really good team, where we play on each other’s good aspects, and we build each other up and we’re better because of each other.”

Recruits were treated to a morning around the university, and ending with some of the recruits committing to the esports program.

The event was led by the program’s coach, Kevin Reape. He said the program is important to the esports community as a whole.

“Esports gets more legitimate, really, every single day and when a school like the University of Missouri jumps on board and supports this with scholarships and with the resources that we are going to support this with. I think it’s a huge win for esports. I think its step one of many more to come.”

Reape said he wants to expand into other games such as League of Legends and Rocket League as soon as possible.