MU Rededicates Memorial in Celebration of Veterans Day

MU rededicated a restored memorial during a campus Veteran’s Day ceremony today. The stone memorial honors the 117 MU students who were killed during World War I.

The memorial was originally dedicated on Rollins Street, October 25, 1930. But the stone and row of trees were removed from the site in 1987 due to campus expansion.

Commander Roff Rye is an executive officer of the N-ROTC at MU. He said the lives and experiences of veterans impact an entire community.

“Many people are affected by veterans, brothers, sisters, cousins, mothers, and fathers. So I assume it’ll be affected differently with different people,” said Rye.

Student assistant advisor Ben Datema said it’s important to recognize the contribution that student veterans bring to campus.

“It’s a good way to recognize all they do for us here on campus. I’ve been really pleased with the work that Mizzou has done, especially recently to help support service members, academics sent returning to the states and getting reinvent with civilian life," said Datema.

Datema says veterans require different services in different approaches, and it’s important for campus programs to support and provide veterans with what they need to survive in the campus environment.