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MU School of Medicine Dean Announces Resignation

Mar 15, 2019

The University of Missouri School of Medicine dean is stepping down, the university announced today.

Patrice Delafontaine took the role of dean in 2014. He resigned a first time in 2015 and was reinstated the following year. MU spokesperson Christian Basi says this resignation marks the end of Delafontaine’s relationship with the university.

“It’s my understanding this will be a permanent separation," Basi said.

Delafontaine’s resignation is set for March 31st. Dr. Steven Zweig will take over as interim dean. Zweig is currently the chair of the Department of Family and Community Medicine.

"Between now and the time that he leaves, Dean Delafontaine will be working with the incoming interim dean, Dr. Steven Zweig, to get him up to speed on any current projects that the dean's office might be working on, any particular issues that might need attention right away," Basi said.