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MU Updates COVID-19 Policies A Week Out From Semester Start

Aug 17, 2020

The University of Missouri will require students who test positive for the virus to report the results directly to the university within four hours of receiving them.

The requirement is part of a set of new policies MU issued on Monday, a week before classes are set to start on August 24. 

In a virtual town hall meeting last month, university leaders initially said they wouldn't require students to report test results, citing privacy concerns. The next day, however, the university said it was exploring the possibility of mandated reporting. 

Unlike some other major public universities, MU will not be requiring all returning students to get tested for COVID-19. University officials say doing comprehensive testing would take resources away from other preventive measures and lead to false negative and false positive tests. 

The new policies also ban students, faculty and staff from attending gatherings of more than 20 people on or off campus, outside of classes. The university will accept applications for exceptions to the rule. 

Some 30,000 students were enrolled at MU last year, and just under 7,000 are currently contracted to live in university housing in the coming semester.