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Nation Media Group flourishes in Kenya

Jul 18, 2013

Television cameras prepare to film a press conference, with electoral results screens seen behind, at the National Tallying Center in Nairobi, Kenya Thursday, March 7, 2013.
Credit Ben Curtis / Associated Press

Freedom of the press is rising steadily in Kenya. The constitution now specifically prohibits the state from interfering with the editorial independence of journalists and their media outlets, both state-owned and private.

Nation Media Group has flourished in this unfettered environment. It’s the largest independent media house in East and Central Africa, with operations in print, broadcast and digital media. There are now outlets in neighboring countries Uganda, Tanzania and Rwanda.

Kenyan business news reporter Mugambi Mutegi joined Global Journalist to discuss his country’s media landscape. Mugambi is a visiting fellow from the Alfred Friendly Press Partners. The Friendly Foundation’s program places international journalists in U.S. newsrooms and brings them to the Missouri School of Journalism for training. The goal is to both impart American journalistic traditions and respond to worldwide interest in the dissemination of fair and accurate news.

Mugambi worked this spring and summer at the Chicago Tribune. In Nairobi, he’s been working at the Business Daily, which is part of Nation Media Group.