New 15-Acre Prairie is Growing in Columbia Nature Sanctuary

Aug 8, 2016

Credit Sebastian Martinez / KBIA

After years of preparation, a new 15-acre prairie is beginning to sprout at the Columbia Audubon Nature Sanctuary in west Columbia.

The Columbia Missourian reports that after several years of killing non-native vegetation, the prairie was seeded in January. The grasses and flowers are expected to be in full bloom in two years.

About six acres are on Columbia Audubon Society property and the other nine are in the Bonnie View Nature Sanctuary, a city park.

Bill Mees, former president of the organization, said that before this year the land held tall fescue, a grass that doesn't produce seeds or provide food for bugs such as caterpillars and butterflies. The new prairie's native plants and pollinators are expected to help those bugs and wildlife such as young turkeys.