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New Principal Announced at Blue Ridge Elementary School

Feb 28, 2018

Columbia Public Schools announced yesterday that Mark Burlison will be promoted from assistant principal to principal at Blue Ridge Elementary School for the 2018-19 school year.

Burlison taught elementary school for 10 years before becoming an assistant principal three years ago.

Michelle Baumstark, Columbia Public Schools Community Relations Director, said Burlison has done a great job during his years with Columbia Public Schools.

“We are excited to see him move up the ladder and be able to take on a full building on his own. He has definitely demonstrated that he is ready for that position so we are ready to have him on board,” Baumstark said.

Burlison will replace the current principal, Kristen Palmer, who will become the principal at Two Mile Prairie Elementary School.

“I knew that becoming a principal would be one of those opportunities I could really tackle the school and make it for the greater good for all kids. I want to make sure here at Blue Ridge that every kid gets the opportunity that everyone in Columbia does,” Burlison said.

These opportunities include using the i-Ready program in reading to close their achievement gap and incorporating more culture and pride within Blue Ridge.