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New Program Aims to Make Film Industry More Accessible to Mid-Missourians

Oct 14, 2019

A new program from Ragtag Film Society’s head programmer is aiming to teach young movie lovers about the industry.

Ragtag’s Director of Film Programming Chris Boeckmann is opening up applications for the New Canon Society. The Society will allow mid-Missourians 18 to 30 years old to discuss film weekly and hear from industry veterans like producers, directors, and distributors about film as a career. Guest speakers will also submit a film they think is culturally underappreciated for discussion. Boeckmann says that once the program is well underway next year, members will independently submit films they feel have been overlooked for potential screening.

Boeckmann says this program is his attempt to demystify the film industry for anyone interested, as well as introduce new voices into the space of film. He cited his own experiences as a programmer and the “convoluted” entry process for his start in the industry. Boeckmann wants to make film more transparent for all.

“I think one of the biggest issues,” Boeckmann said, “is that a lot of the knowledge about how things work isn’t disseminated… I just wanted to create a space for anyone who wanted to know how the film industry operates could come in and learn about it, I guess.”

While the program is still taking applications, Boeckmann says that the New Canon Society will hold its first meeting some time in November.