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Nixon Wants Special Session to End

Missouri governor Jay Nixon reiterated his push Thursday for lawmakers to wrap up their more than three week Special session that’s cost tax payers more than $100,000 dollars.

by Elana Gordon (Kansas City, Mo.)

You know it’s just time for the house and senate to resolve their differences and get a fisc responsible bill to my desk, or bring the special session to a close,” Nixon said.

Nixon also said he’s taking a double look at the revised social networking bill lawmakers recently passed. It overturns a previously enacted law limiting teacher interaction with students through online forums like Facebook…but lawmakers added a clause to the new bill requiring schools to come up with their own policies on such matters.

“I’m not taking a double look at it to try to figure out when to sign it or not sign it, that’s not releveant, it’s just making sure that having an individual school district do a narrower type of policy is an acceptable alternative here,” Nixon said.

Nixon spoke in Kansas City, touting a new $20 million dollar federal grant the state recently got to bring new health service training opportunities to thousands of underemployed residents throughout the state.