NPR strategist discusses tweeting the Arab Spring

Mar 14, 2013

This Saturday, Dec. 1, 2012 file photo shows Tunisian protesters clashing with riot police, in Siliana, Tunisia. Two years after the revolution that overthrew a dictator and started the Arab Spring, Tunisia is struggling with high unemployment and rising violence in its politics.
Credit Amine Landoulsi / AP Images

Social media pioneer Andy Carvin drew high praise from fellow journalists for his coverage of the revolutions in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and Syria.  The NPR reporter and strategist tracked the Arab Spring events in real time, from thousands of miles away in Washington.

Carvin cultivated Twitter and social media sources into a new form of journalism — this time,  civilians on the ground controlled the news. He spoke to Global Journalist host David Reed  about his new book. It’s a first-person account called Distant Witness: Social Media, the Arab Spring and a Journalism Revolution.

Note: There is no video for this episode of Global Journalist.