Paul supporters descend on MU campus | KBIA

Paul supporters descend on MU campus

Mar 15, 2012

Supporters of Republican Presidential candidate Ron Paul were out in full force yesterday on the University of Missouri campus. They were part of the local chapter of the Youth for Ron Paul campaign.

Chapter member Jacob Kerner says their group successfully petitioned Paul to make an appearance at MU.

“We petitioned all the students walking by. We got a lot of signatures, over 1300 signatures, to bring Paul in. We sent the signatures off so I believe that was a major factor in him actually deciding to come here,” Kerner said.

Supporters gave various reasons of why they support Ron Paul. Some, like Eric Yang referenced Paul’s character.

“For any leaders youwant him to have intelligence, hard work and integrity. But if they don’t have integrity, you don’t want him to be intelligent or have hard work,” Yang said.

Kerner said chapter members all agree Paul is the man to lead America.

“Ron Paul is the only one that can change this country in the direction that we need it changed. And so I want to be an activist and help out the cause,” Kerner said.

Paul will be speaking today from noon to one on the Carnahan Quad of the MU campus. Chapter members say 800 chairs will be set up and they expect more than 800 people to attend the rally. Members do not know if Paul will appear at any other events during his visit to mid-Missouri.