Radio play: "The Ice Cream Man Cometh," by Jeff Moran | KBIA

Radio play: "The Ice Cream Man Cometh," by Jeff Moran

Nov 22, 2014

An ice cream truck. By Powerhouse Museum from Sydney, Australia [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons.

  In this episode of Maplewood Barn Radio Theatre, we've got a special treat for you: a piece from local author and playwright Jeff Moran called "The Ice Cream Man Cometh." 

Hop on the ice cream truck with us, and experience your first day as an ice cream salesman as you listen to this piece. But one word of warning: It gets a bit chilly, especially when you're trying to sell on a snowy day.

The players

  • Jeff: Joe Bogue
  • Bill: Terry Yates
  • George and Policeman: Darren Hellwege
  • Julie and some children: Molly Dodge
  • Other children: Maggie Henson
  • Sarge and Narrator: Byron Scott


  • Playwright: Jeff Moran
  • Engineer: Darren Hellwege
  • Post-production: Amy Humphrey and Joe Hayes
  • Podcast publishing: Kellie Moore

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