Ragtag Cinema hosting free World Cup screenings

Jun 12, 2014

Credit Conner Handel

Ragtag Cinema will be airing live World Cup matches up to the finals in July.

This is the second time Ragtag and CenturyLink teamed up to show the World Cup in the local theater.  For both 2010 and this year, admission was free.

Some of those who attended in 2010 loved the atmosphere Ragtag provided so much that they plan on watching the World Cup there once again.

“We came to a bunch of the games four years ago,” England native and soccer fanatic Simon Rose said.  “It was just a great place to watch, meet your friends, with plenty of space, and it looks great on the big screen. It was the place to watch it for us.”

Ragtag recognizes the diversity among World Cup followers.

“It is really cool to have supporters in Columbia of all the teams get together and support their team,” Ragtag Membership Coordinator Lindsay Yungbluth said. “It is a great celebration of all different cultures.”

The different cultures and new faces present an opportunity for Ragtag to increase its own following.

“We think it is really important to expand our audience,” Yungbluth said. “We are always trying to think of new ways to reach people that have never been here.”

One way Ragtag tries to increase its following is through community outreach screenings, such as this World Cup showing.  Yungbluth said community outreach screenings are when Ragtag works with various organizations on providing free public screenings. 

“We do a number of those a month and that is a great way for us to reach new audiences,” Yungbluth said. “Reaching new people is a top priority for us.”

CenturyLink Market Development Manager Greg Baker said they were limited in 2010 with their ability to show World Cup games because of the early start times.  With South Africa playing host, games started as early as 6 a.m. CST. As Brazil hosts this year, Baker said the match times should work better.

Ragtag will show all 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. matches.  They will also occasionally air 5 p.m. matches. A complete list can be found on their website