Randy Ashbury announces candidacy for governor

Feb 13, 2015

Randy Asbury, a former Missouri state representative, announced that he will be running for governor.  He made his announcement yesterday at Moberly Area Community College, where Asbury said over 150 people showed up to support him.

Credit KBIA/file photo

Asbury is the last of three candidates to announce his plans to run for the republican nomination.  He will be running against former Missouri House Speaker Catherine Hanaway and Tom Schweich. 

Asbury has political experience serving one term as a state representative and four years as the Randolph County commissioner.  It was here that Asbury said he learned everything he knows about leadership, strategy and policy.  Asbury said this work influenced his personal philosophy about leadership in Missouri.

“As I watched politics over the last several years, I have not necessarily seen what is good for America or even good for our state,” Asbury said.  “I believe that leadership in politics needs to change, I think I can provide that change.” 

Asbury said he wants to make the people of Missouri rethink politics, and to introduce a new leadership style.

“My main goal is to build people’s trust,” Asbury said.  “I want them to believe that what I’m doing is right.” 

Asbury said he plans on accomplishing this by not being ambiguous in his policies.  The key to building trust, Asbury said, is to putting policies out that aren’t vague, so people know where they stand on them.

Asbury said that if he can make enough of an effort to talk to people and find out what their needs are, they will understand that he has the leadership style Missouri needs.

Credit KBIA/file photo