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Retired Police Officer Turns Historic Kansas City, Kansas, Church Into Police Athletic League

Feb 8, 2019
Originally published on February 9, 2019 11:32 am

Kansas City, Kansas Police Department has turned a 128-year-old church into a community gym for kids.

St. Mary's Church is home to the city's first Police Athletic League. Mayor David Alvey recognized it at the grand opening Thursday night, but the program has been up and running for a few weeks. 

Every weeknight from 5-9 p.m., the doors of the church at 5th and Ann Avenue are open to the public.

Executive Director Matt Tomasic spent 23 years with the police department in Kansas City, Missouri, but he has lived in Kansas City, Kansas, his whole life.

"My roots are in this community, and I saw that we could use a program like this over here," he said. "It makes sense on every level. I personally believe the only way we're going to start to make things better is through one-on-one relationships."

It's only been operational for a few weeks, but there are already around 100 kids enrolled in the program. There's a boxing ring, several punching bags and jump ropes.

Rodney Ashley is one of two full-time KCKPD officers stationed at P.A.L. It's his first run at community policing. Previously, he was on patrol for eight years. 

"Most of the calls we respond to, we don't get much interaction with the youth," Ashley said. "It's good to have exposure to the kids in this setting. Let them know we're more than just police, we're moms and dads."

He said even though it's new that he's already seen a positive impact of the program on the young people in the area.

"I've had kids tell me that having a place to come box is preventing them from being on the streets. It builds discipline in their life," he said.

In March, local artist Vania Soto will start teaching art classes. Tomasic said they also hope to refurbish the basement for a community member who has offered to teach salsa classes. And in the spring, they will open a community garden. 

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