Scholastic Plant Closes in Moberly

Economic development in Moberly is taking another hit with the closing of the city’s Scholastic packaging plant.

By Ari Alexander (Columbia, Mo.)

This comes after the failure of the Mamtek artificial sweetener plant, an artificial sweetener company set to produce 600 jobs in Moberly.

135 people in Moberly will lose their jobs once the Scholastic plant closes. Scholastic spokesperson Kyle Good says those employees will get priority when new jobs are created at Scholastic’s Jefferson City warehouse.

“We’ve been consolidating our inventory and trying to improve our efficiencies across the company so at the moment we are able to condense our operations and our inventory into our Jefferson City warehouse where actually we’ll be hiring 90 new people,” she said.

Good said the shutdown is due to Scholastic’s decision to discontinue their “Back to Basics” toy business, a catalog and online store for old-fashioned toys.

The packaging center will close early next year.