Seg. 1: Gandhi's Grandson | Seg. 2: Mouse Divided (R) | KBIA

Seg. 1: Gandhi's Grandson | Seg. 2: Mouse Divided (R)

Aug 27, 2019

Segment 1: Mahatma Gandhi's grandson reflects on his family legacy.

As the world begins celebrating Gandhi's 150th birthday, Park University brings the iconic leader's grandson and biographer to town for celebrations and talks. The elder Gandhi sought to attain purity as a way of leading entire nations to peace; his grandson believes that we can contribute to that greater good, even while falling short of perfection in our lives.

Segment 2: The little-known story of Walt Disney's unsung collaborator.

Mickey Mouse was created by not one Kansas Citian, but two. One artist has been forgotten, the other a global phenomenon and household name. This conversation originally aired in December, 2018.

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