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Seg. 1: Recruiting Gen Z | Seg. 2: Fireflies

Jul 11, 2019

Segment 1: What changing recruitment techniques say about our changing culture.

Move over, millennials. The new new workforce is going to be made up of Generation Z, born in or after 1997. The incentives and benefits packages being offered to new recruits by major companies already reflect that generation's needs and values.

  • Tess Sirprenant, director of Career Services, UMKC
  • Stephanie Smithmier, Morgan Hunter

Segment 2: Everything you need to know about fireflies.

Fireflies are finally lighting up the night sky in Kansas City. Are there fewer of them than there used to be? Why do they light up to begin with? And although some people call them fireflies and others say lightning bug, both names are vaguely misleading. 

  • Chris Cratsley, Mass Audubon Firefly Watch
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