Seg. 1: Replicability Crisis | Seg. 2: Aisha Sharif | KBIA

Seg. 1: Replicability Crisis | Seg. 2: Aisha Sharif

Sep 10, 2019

Seg. 1: A KU professor is raising the bar for the standard of evidence in psychology.

A recent study reveals that a high percentage of treatments long believed to be supported by evidence don't measure up to today's standards for repeatability. What that means for the field of psychology, and why a KU professor is obsessed with learning more.

  • Alex Williams, director, Psychology Program, KU Edwards Campus
  • John Sakaluk, assistant professor of psychology, University of Victoria

Seg. 2: A local poet on the kind of book that gets you "uninvited to family reunions."

Poet Aisha Sharif reflects on her life growing up African American in Memphis, Tennessee. The stories are included in her first book of poetry, To Keep From Undressing, published in January 2019.

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