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Seg. 1: White Fragility | Seg. 2: Taming Uncertainty

Oct 28, 2019
Originally published on October 29, 2019 2:23 pm

Segment 1: The woman who coined 'white fragility' unpacks the meaning of the term.

Robin DiAngelo first started noticing what she now calls 'white fragility' about twenty years ago, when she worked alongside people of color as a diversity trainer. The resulting research culminated in a book that's been a New York Times Bestseller for more than a year. It's also elicited death threats.

Segment 2: A KU researcher has been trying to understand how our minds grapple with uncertainty.

As one of the authors of Taming Uncertainty, psychology professor Tim Pleskac is aware of all the conscious and subconscious things we do to make decisions with incomplete information. After all, we can never know for sure what will happen next. But rather than being made crazy by this field of research, he finds it "invigorating." He says his wife might see it differently.

  • Tim J. Pleskac, professor of psychology, University of Kansas
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