Some MU faculty upset about plan to move museum

Jun 7, 2013

Credit Darren Hellwege / KBIA

Many MU faculty members are upset at how they found about the University’s plan to temporarily close some campus buildings next year for renovations. They're also concerned about the future of the Museum of Art & Archeology and the Museum of Anthropology

Jesse Hall, Swallow Hall and Pickard Hall will all close for about a year. Vice Chancellor for Administrative Services Jackie Jones presented the steps of the project and answered questions at the MU Faculty Council meeting yesterday.  But, department of geography faculty member Mike Urban wasn’t satisfied.

“The main concern, as a faculty member, [is] that we weren’t informed what was really going on, and it was broadcasted in a newspaper article.  I think one of the main concerns of the community is that the museums, both of them, be brought back to either campus or downtown,” Urban said.

Other faculty members echoed that sentiment. But MU Spokesman Christian Basi says the administration can’t make any promises about the museums yet.

“We don’t want to promise something that we are not 100 percent sure [on]- We don’t have all the information just yet,” Basi said.

The process of cleaning radiation left over from early 20th century experiments out of Pickard Hall was already in process before this announcement. Basi says that process must finish before the museum could even be cleared to return.