Southern Boone School Construction Projects Progressing Well

Apr 25, 2017

Southern Boone School District is building new facilities to keep up with enrollment growth.

Voters approved a $7.5 million bond issue last April to add eight classrooms and a new gymnasium to the primary school. Building five more classrooms at the elementary school and a weight room at the high school are also on the district’s agenda.

Chris Felmlee is the superintendent of the district. He says the construction project is progressing well.

“The primary, the elementary classrooms, are near completion," Felmlee says. "The high school work is probably at least 50 percent completed. The fact that we had a more mild winter helped us with the construction timetable, and we're hoping to keep ahead of things.”

The school district’s enrollment has grown more 16 percent in the last ten years, according to the Missouri Department of Elementary & Secondary Education District Report Card. Felmlee says the district needs to ensure that the instructional space can carry that additional capacity.