Southern Boone School District Eyeing New Garden Educator Position

Sep 27, 2016

Credit Carrie Hargrove / CCUA

The Southern Boone County School District is looking to create one of Missouri’s first full-time garden educator positions. Through a partnership with the Southern Boone County Learning Garden, this position may become a reality by the 2017-2018 school year.

According to the learning garden's website, it was founded in 2007 by parents Jenny Grabner and Lesli Moylan as an after school program. In the years following, the garden’s programming scope has grown, becoming a resource for educators in the Southern Boone School District. Grabner says they teach about nutrition and food, but any subject has a place in the garden.

“We sometimes practice math in the garden. We work with the teachers and find out some of the topics and concepts they’re working on and figure out ways we could reinforce them with a garden lesson,” Grabner said.

Grabner says there is a lot of interest and excitement surrounding the hands-on techniques, and she is confident the full-time position will one day come to fruition.

Correction: This story originally used information from the Southern Boone Learning Garden's website without proper attribution. The story also originally stated that Lesli Moylan has children in the district; that line was deleted. Clarification was also added to indicate this new position would be full time.