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State employees now have on-site access to health care

Mar 10, 2014

Gov. Jay Nixon officially dedicated the Strive for Wellness Health Center at the Truman State Office Building today.

One of the primary goals of the center is to provide basic health care for common injuries and illnesses, and preventative care measures for all state employees enrolled in the Missouri Consolidated Health Care Plan. 

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The center is located in a building that houses over two-thousand members and is also available to another 700 members that live within a fifteen minute commute of the facility.

Judith Muck, executive director of the Missouri Consolidated Health Care Plan says that having the center in the workplace ensures that state employees have access to quality health care.

“It brings an opportunity to staff to have quick access to health care. And hopefully, what we hope is to avoid more expensive care in an emergency room or urgent care center because they’ve delayed care, “said Muck.

The state, along with The Missouri Consolidated Health Care Plan, partnered with Cerner to build and operate the facility, which was conceptualized in 2013.  The health care center is projected to reduce overall health care costs for state employees and to keep state service and offer better returns for Missouri taxpayers.

Officials from the Consolidated Health Care Plan say they hope a successful operation will prompt the venture to be duplicated in other locations.

"Members are going to get a lot just out of the chance to interact with a care team that is motivated and incented to have personal relationships with them rather than get them in-and-out like they might experience in the community,” said Vice President of Population Services for Cerner, Mike Heckman. “That’s a real key to success of this center, and other centers we’ve opened throughout the country.”

The center will be staffed by an Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner and two Medical Assistants and will provide healthcare services for common illnesses and injuries as well as preventative care.

The state estimates a $5 million return-of-investment from the facility. The Strive for Wellness Health Center is scheduled to open March 17th.