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State lawmakers preview 2014 legislative session

Jan 13, 2014

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Missouri lawmakers returned to the Capitol last week to kick off the 2014 legislative session. While it is still early in the year, a number of lawmakers have hinted at what’s to come. 

In his opening remarks, House Speaker Tim Jones highlighted medical malpractice reform, so-called “right to work” legislation, and income tax cuts as part of his agenda. Meanwhile, Gov. Nixon closed out last year with a call to expand Medicaid coverage for low-income residents. 

Other issues that failed in last year’s session, such as highway funding, ethics reform, and bond financing for construction and repair of public facilities, could make a return this year.

This week on Intersection, we talk to several state lawmakers and preview the 2014 legislative session.

House Speaker Tim Jones represents the state’s 110th district, serving St. Louis and Franklin Counties. He was first elected as speaker of the house in Sept. 2012.

Chris Kelly is a Democratic representative for the state’s 45th House District in Boone County.

Caleb Rowden is a Republican house member, representing the state’s 44th district in Boone and Randolph Counties.