Storms endanger Boone County

Jun 4, 2014

Last night's storms had the Columbia Fire Department and the Boone County Fire District very busy. The two departments responded to over 30 calls between the hours of 4 am and 9 am. Battalion Chief John Metz said this was challenging because of weather conditions, as well as the nature of the calls. "Many of them were lines down, or trees in the power lines, any associated water rescues with the heavy rains that we have," Metz said.

Only two of the incidents were critical; a structure fire and a man trapped in his mobile home. The man was rescued in about an hour. "It was a very difficult rescue because of the position that he was in, the amount of damage, the weight of the tree, all of those factors with the weather that was ongoing at the time and the limited resources, it took us about an hour to get him out safely," Metz said.

No deaths have been reported because of the storm.