Student-Led Protest Calls for Action, Reflects on Progress | KBIA

Student-Led Protest Calls for Action, Reflects on Progress

Jun 9, 2020

Credit Corey Davidson / KBIA

Demonstrators organized at the University of Missouri’s Francis Quadrangle for a student-led protest on Tuesday night.

The protest had over 300 participants, according to the event’s Facebook page. Students and Columbia community members chanted, marched, and gave impassioned speeches about their experiences. Kirubel Mesfin was one such speaker, who has protested many times in the past few weeks.

“I saw 2500 people take a step forward on Sunday morning, and then I saw 2400 people take a step back, and 100 people take another step forward on Monday. Like, this is awesome, but I wanna see y’all tomorrow. I wanna know.” Mesfin said.

Speaker Kiessence Basset praised the efforts of protesters, but made it clear that changes can’t stop when they’re over. In particular, she pointed out a lack of change in racial injustice in the school system.

“When it comes to the injustices of black people, I don’t see that. I don’t see it. I don’t see it in education at Mizzou, the Concerned Student 1950, those list of demands? Some of them have been met. Not all of them. Not enough of them.”

Speakers said they hope to have more protests in the future. In some cities like Kansas City, there is ongoing discussion of police department reform.