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Talking Politics: Rep. Vicky Hartzler Runs For Re-election

Nov 2, 2016

Representative Vicky Hartzler in her first term.
Credit Wikimedia Commons

As a farmer and a member of the House Agricultural Committee, Congresswoman Vicky Hartzler’s stance on agricultural issues are often tied with her desire for less federal government involvement in state issues.

She said restrictions from organizations like the Environmental Protection Agency are taking money away from Missouri farmers. Hartzler pointed to changes in certain EPA regulations, such as the Waters of the U.S. These changes have made it, she said, so that “the federal government will control ninety-nine percent of the land.”  

Farmers would face penalties for building on that land.

“For a farmer to be able to build upon or fence or smooth out their pasture a little bit—they may have to get a federal permit and if they don't they will be subjected to a fine of $37,500 a day, retroactively, up to five years,” Hartzler said.

Hartzler co-sponsored a bill in the House of Representatives to stop the rule.

Although Hartzler was not involved in the creation of Missouri’s “Stand Your Ground” law passed in September, she said she strongly supports Second Amendment rights. 

“Law-abiding citizens have the right to protect themselves and their families,” Hartzler said.  “I'm supportive of them being able to do that while at the same time co-sponsoring bills that have passed the House for mental health reform to help address people who have problems, so that they can get the help they need before— and hopefully prevent them from committing an act of violence.”

Retired physician Gordon Christensen is Hartzler’s opponent in the Fourth District race, and is running on a platform of health and health insurance-related issues.

Hartzler said health insurance decisions should be left to the state, not the federal government. She says she’s sponsored bills to replace the Affordable Care Act because of what she’s heard from her constituents.

“I have too many people that contact me on a regular basis telling me these very heart wrenching stories how their insurance was been canceled and the new one cost $6000 more a year, plus has a $6000 deductible, and people turn to me and just say, ‘Vicki we cannot afford that, what are we supposed to do?’” Hartzler said.  “It just breaks my heart. I think we can do better.”

In the Presidential race, Hartzler supports Donald Trump.

“We work very, very hard in the house, and I know I do— listening to the people of this district; taking their ideas to Washington and fighting for them. But so many times if they get to the President's desk, they’re vetoed. Donald Trump will sign those into law,” she said.

She’s also voting for Trump because of who he would potentially nominate to the Supreme Court.

If elected, Hartzler says she will continue to try and remove federal government regulations that she says stifle job creation in Missouri.