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Tax Credit Bill's Chances May Have Died in Missouri House

May 15, 2018

Credit Missouri House Communications

Sen. Bill Eigel, R-Weldon Spring, thought there was a consensus among his fellow lawmakers on a House tax bill when he brought it to the floor. However, differing opinions on the bill may have killed chances for this year.

The bill would reduce the income tax rate for the highest bracket by .4%, with the possibility of a reduction of .5%

Ultimately, it was a tax credit, where low-income families would owe 10% less on their income tax in 2019 and 20% in 2020 that derailed the final vote.

Sen. Jill Schupp, D- Creve Coeur filed an amendment that would make the tax credit permanent and keep the highest tax credit reduction at .4%.

While Schupp’s amendment failed, Eigel proposed an amendment that eliminated the tax credit all together. That amendment was adopted. Before the day ended, Eigel expressed his disappointment.

“Even though it was something that not everyone was happy about, I felt that we had secured the commitments to allow this bill to come to a vote. However, not everyone saw it that way and unfortunately commitments were broken,” Eigel said.

Ultimately, the bill was placed back on the informal calendar with four days left in session for it to pass.