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Thinking Out Loud: Boone County's Political History

Jul 21, 2016

Missouri's Whig Party gathered at Rocheport for three day convention in 1840. Friends of Historic Rocheport's Sherry Moreau talked with KBIA's Trevor Harris about the convention that nominated William Henry Harrison, at right, for president.
Credit James Reid Lambdin / The White House Historical Association

Political conventions in American have been around as long as there has been an America. Back in 1840, members of Missouri's Whig Party made their way by land and by water to Rocheport for their state convention. The Friends of Historic Rocheport's president Sherry Moreau was Trevor Harris' guest on a recent episode of Thinking Out Loud.

Also on this program Chris Campbell from the Boone County Historical Society discussed Boone County Votes, a show opening next month at the society's Columbia museum.

This program originally aired on Tuesday, July 19, 2016.

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