Thinking Out Loud: How MU prepares for the school year

Aug 19, 2014

As thousands of students arrive in Columbia soon for the new school year, much work must happen behind the scenes to prepare. On this week's Thinking Out Loud host Darren Hellwege visits with a range of staff from University of Missouri departments whose work impacts and is impacted by the student experience at MU.

For this week's Thinking Out Loud on KBIA, host Darren Hellwege talked with several University of Missouri staff who work largely behind-the-scenes on campus preparing for the arrival of new and returning students each August. Seen here is the MU Disability Center's Barbara Hammer.
Credit Shane Epping/MU Disability Center

First in this week's Thinking Out Loud, Darren talks with Captain Brian Weimer of the University of Missouri Police Department about how MUPD is preparing for a new school year, and their responsibility for keeping the campus and its occupants safe.

Darren also visits with Frankie Minor, Director of MU's Residential Life. Minor and his department have the complicated job of arranging on-campus housing for thousands of students who arrive in Columbia over the next few days.

We also hear in this program from Barbara Hammer, Director of MU's Disability Center. We learn more about how the University is working to make education more accessible for people with all sorts of disabilities.

Finally, hear an excerpt from Darren's interview with Michelle Froese, the Assistant Director of Strategic Communications at the University of Missouri's Student & Auxiliary Services. She talks with Darren about The Mizzou Store, where students get textbooks and Tiger fans can buy Mizzou gear.

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