Thinking Out Loud: MU's reaction to Michael Sam's coming out

Feb 12, 2014

Recently, former MU football player and alumni Michael Sam announced he was gay. KBIA, ESPN and other media outlets continue to thoroughly cover this story. On this weeks' Thinking Out Loud, KBIA's Darren Hellwege looks at how MU's sports administration reacted to Sam's announcement.

Former MU football player Michael Sam.
Credit Karen Mitchell/KBIA

MU head football coach Gary Pinkel on the team's reaction to Michael Sam's announcement:

I am very proud of Michael Sam. I am very proud our football team, how we've dealt with this. It says so much for our family and our team... We talk in our program all the time about respecting the cultural differences of other people. That's one of our core values and that certainly applies to this. We are going to be respectful and caring and kind to every one of our teammates.

MU strength and conditioning coach Pat Ivey on Sam's timing:

Mike is a very intelligent person. He has a lot of people around him that support him. He has a good team as far as his agent. He made the best decision that works for him. He wasn't doing this with the NFL in mind. This was the best time for him.

Ivey on the team's reaction to Sam's announcement:

Mike prepared his teammates for what just happened. And once again his teammates had his back. No one made anyone do anything. It was all out of respect. He let all of us know this was coming.

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