Thinking Out Loud: Richard King's Blue Note memories

Oct 22, 2014

On this week's Thinking Out Loud, we go way back into the program’s archives for an interview from 2005 with Richard King, who recently sold The Blue Note club in Columbia. At the time, Richard and The Blue Note were celebrating their 25th anniversary.

Long-time Blue Note owner Richard King is featured this week on Thinking Out Loud.
Credit Matt McCormack, Columbia Missourian

Like many Columbians, Richard King's arrival in town was a bit accidental.

“My trip was intended to go all the way to California, but I stopped right here in Columbia, MO,” said King.

On this weeks' program, we hear about how the Blue Note club got started

We were just into different kinds of music, and in that year of 1980 MTV popped on the air, and suddenly alternative music wasn’t so alternative, and we just searched the record stores and stuff we found that we liked, we did our best to bring them into Columbia.

And his love for what he was doing shined through. "The fact that I can do what I’m doing in a town like Columbia, the more I think about the things that happen to me, I’ve been a real lucky person,” said King.

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