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Thinking Out Loud: Tarkio College Reborn

Mar 1, 2017

Since 1991, the halls of Northwest Missouri's Tarkio College have been quiet. Classes ended there 25 years ago when the college closed. Now, a group of alumni and allies are working to re-open the school. KBIA's Trevor Harris visited Tarkio College to see the grounds and gather stories from the team that is working hard to welcome a new group of scholars to the campus this fall.

Tarkio College trained educators, ministers and others for over 100 years before it closed in 1991. An effort is underway to re-open the closed school located in Missouri's most Nrothwestern corner. KBIA's Trevor Harris talked with the school's champions for a recent episode of Thinking Out Loud.
Credit Trevor Harris / KBIA

This program originally aired on February 28, 2017.

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