Thinking Out Loud: Third Goal Film Fest

Jan 25, 2015

Coming up next weekend in Columbia, the Central Missouri Returned Peace Corps volunteers sponsor the ninth annual Third Goal Film Fest. Darren Hellwege talked with the festival's organizers and a filmmaker for a recent episode of Thinking out Loud.

The free film festival is a project of local returned Peace Corps volunteers and others seeking to promote an "engaging discusssion about culture, politics and issues that face us at home and abroad."

The film fest happens January 31 at Columbia's Missouri Theatre. The schedule includes the following films and times:

12:15 p.m: Alex and Ali

2:30 p.m: El Canto de Bosawas

4:00 p.m: 27 Months

6:00 p.m: When The Time Comes

7:30 p.m: Cambodian Son


More information about the Third Goal Film Fest is online and on Facebook.

This episode of Thinking Out Loud originally aired January 20, 2015.

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