Thinking Out Loud: Third Goal film festival and prairie plantings

Jan 23, 2014

On this week's Thinking Out Loud, KBIA's Darren Hellwege talked with organizers of the Third Goal International Film Festival. The festival is an annual one-day festival of film viewings that have the U.S.  Peace Corps as a central theme. This year's festival happens Saturday, February 1 on the MU campus.

Darren talked with film festival coordinator Mike Burden, Columbia Access Television Executive Director  Jenifer Erikson and film director Ashley Tindall.

Also, on this week's program, Trevor Harris returned to the Kingdom of Callaway to observe a prairie restoration work in progress at Prairie Fork Conservation Area. At Prairie Fork, a collaboration between MU, the Missouri Department of Conservation and the Edward and Pat Jones' Trust is restoring a landscape to what it may have looked like in 1840.

Jeff Demand prepares to spread seed from prairie grasses and forbs in Callaway County January 9.
Credit KBIA/Trevor Harris

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