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Third Avenue Alley Restoration Scheduled for Repavement

Feb 22, 2019

The Third Avenue Alley is a small pathway between Garth and Grand avenues in Central Columbia. The alley will be repaved this summer, but is not the only alley that needs renovation.

The Ridgeway Neighborhood Association has been fighting for alleys in their community to be taken better care of by the city government for over 20 years. Leading the cause is treasurer of the organization, Pat Kelley. Kelley has advocated for the care of alleys in her neighborhood. She believes that when left alone, the poor quality can attract crime into the neighborhood.

Kelley is happy that one of the alleys in her neighborhood is getting repaved, but hopes that more projects are considered in the future.

“We did not choose this alleyway, we were for any alleyway,” said Kelley.

President of the association, Eric Williams, is also confident in major renovations for Central Columbia’s alleys.

“It provides a benefit to Columbia and this area, especially Ridgeway neighborhood. There’s multiple alleys that will need to be paved. This is the beginning,” Williams said.

Williams said that the alleys provide necessary access for people to get to their rear garages. Kelley said that more affordable housing will open up for people in the neighborhood. She also said that Central Columbia was important to restore and maintain for its historical significance in the community.

The Third Avenue Alley restoration project will begin construction this summer and has a $150,000 budget.