Three MU students step outside their boundaries | KBIA

Three MU students step outside their boundaries

Oct 25, 2013

Joanna Demkiewicz & Kaylen Ralph started The Riveter, "a magazine that celebrates narratives and longform journalism by women."

This week on Off The Clock, Joanna Demkiewicz and Kaylen Ralph, recent graduates of MU, started their own magazine to empower female journalists. And Josie Herrera is embarking on a gender-queer journey, as a king candidate on this year’s University of Missouri homecoming court.

Two recent graduates from the Missouri School of Journalism did not have to worry about finding a job after graduation—they created one. Joanna Demkiewicz and Kaylen Ralph started The Riveter, an online magazine and quarterly print publication dedicated to advancing the voices of women in the industry. In their senior year, they noticed that not one woman had been nominated for the industry ASME awards, which they call the Oscars of magazine journalism. KBIA’s Abigail Keel sat down with Demkiewicz and Ralph to talk about The Riveter.

The University of Missouri homecoming is credited with making history. This year will be no different as a student who self-identifies as gender-queer takes a place on the homecoming court. Josie Herrera is running for Mizzou's homecoming king.