Trail extension to connect MKT Trail and Bonnie View Nature Sanctuary

City Council has approved construction of new trails in southwestern Columbia.

By Karl Roskamp (Columbia, Mo.)

The trail extension will connect the MTK Trail to the Bonnie View Nature Sanctuary near Fairview Elementary School.  The extension is designed to provide people with more recreation options.  One stumbling block for the project was that part of the trail goes through the sanctuary owned by the Columbia Audubon Society.  Director of Parks and Recreation Mike Hood said negotiation removed the problem.

“The compromise is that dogs on leash are allowed on the north south portion of the Scott’s Branch Trail and any of the property that is to the east of the Scott’s Branch Trail. ”

The trail will be eight feet wide and made of concrete.  Hood said the concrete will displace a significant amount of soil, but he said the additional soil will be managed.

“That creates some additional soil, which is stockpiled adjacent to the concrete while the concrete is being installed.  We will use that soil then to fill in so that the surface will be flush. ”

The trail will cost nearly $1 million to build, not including annual maintenance costs of $3,000 to fill cracks and mow the grass near the trail.  The entire project is expected to be completely paid for by the 2005 park sales tax funds.