Trump a Factor in Surprisingly Close Missouri Senate Race

Aug 15, 2016

Credit Gage Skidmore / Flickr

Ask Republican Sen. Roy Blunt of Missouri about his party's presidential nominee and you'll likely get a polite but weary response.

It's tough enough for the political veteran seeking re-election against up-and-coming Democrat Jason Kander. Every new controversy involving Donald Trump only makes it more difficult.

Blunt prefers to talk about his own record and agenda, not Trump's. He knows the balance of power in the Senate could come down to his race. He says that regardless of how people feel about the presidential candidate, those who want a Republican-led Senate should vote for him.

Kander has kept his distance from Democratic Party nominee candidate, Hillary Clinton. But Kander says Missouri voters tend to choose an individual candidate, not a party slate based on the top of the ticket.