Under the Microscope: September 22, 2011

This week, we sit down with Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack to discuss the American jobs act. Plus, advancements in ice-cream technology.

Hosted by Kyle Deas.

President Obama has been touring the country trying to sell voters on the American Jobs Act. According to the White House, the bill would, if passed, give the state 700 million dollars for transportation projects and cut the taxes of 120,000 Missouri businesses. And agriculture secretary Tom Vilsack says that rural areas in particular would benefit from the jobs bill.

Vilsack spoke about the jobs act with KBIA’s Jacob Fenston.

Plus: for years, food scientists have been pushing the boundaries of your taste buds. One such scientist, Elizabeth Fenner, has created an ice cream that changes flavors as you hold it in your mouth. Fenner, who is a University of Missouri graduate student, talked to us about her invention.