Views of the News: Aussies to Blame?; BuzzFeed Ethics; What Fiscal Cliff?; Skinny on Beef

Dec 12, 2012

Australians to Blame?

Erik Ortiz, New York Daily News: "Jacintha Saldanha, victim of Australian radio prank call about Kate Middleton, left suicide note for family"

Thom Patterson, CNN: "Aussie DJ scandal: Does radio share the blame?"

Stephen Marche, Esquire: "We're All to Blame for Jacintha Saldanha"

Holly Byrnes, Patrick Lion and Jessica Leo, The Australian: "Royal hoax inquiry expected today"

Maria Sciullo, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: "On the Media: Law here a barrier to Aussie DJ prank"

Toronto Globe and Mail editorial: "The perils of prank calls, and how one in particular went way too far"

Sandra Parsons, The Daily Mail: "Does Kate's hospital care more about PR than its own nurses?"

Christopher Moraff, The Philly Post: "Blame the Audience for Nurse's Death After Kate Middleton Hospital Prank"

Michael Russnow, The Huffington Post: "British Nurse's Apparent Suicide is Tragic, But Media and Public Response Has Been Over the Top"

BuzzFeed's Ethics

Jack Stuef, "The Secrets of the Internet's Most Beloved Viral Marketer"

Matthew Inman, The Oatmeal: "I wrote a response to Jack Steuf's BuzzFeed article about me"

Jeff John Roberts, GigaOm: "BuzzFeed apologizes (sort of) for smear of The Oatmeal cartoonist"

Slade Sohmer, "Why This BuzzFeed v. The Oatmeal Fight Actually Does Matter"

What Fiscal Cliff?

Howard Kurtz, The Daily Beast: "Why the Fiscal Cliff Is a Snooze"

Brad Plumer, The Washington Post: "The rest of the world thinks the fiscal cliff is ridiculous"

The Skinny On Beef

Mike McGraw, Sarah Cohen et al, The Kansas City Star: "Beef's Raw Edges"

John Landsberg, Bottom Line Communications: "KC Star Announces Layoffs in Time for Holidays"

Loyalty to a Fault "Auditors: State Employee Posted Nearly 5,000 Comments on Sacramento Bee Site"