Views of the News: Fact-Check Fracas; Convention Experiments; Public Editor's Shot; Armstrong Legacy

Aug 29, 2012

Just Whose Facts?

Josh Feldman, Mediaite: "Romney Pollster: We Won't 'Let Our Campaign Be Dictated By Fact-Checkers'"

Greg Sargent, The Washington Post: "Fact checking for thee, but not for me"

The editors, National Review Online: "PolitiFiction"

Robert Rector, The Heritage Foundation: "Ending Work for Welfare: Bogus Measures of Success"

David Zweig, The Atlantic: "Everyone's a Fact-Checker"

Women's Media Center, "Three-Quarters of Newspapers' Presidential Coverage Written by Men"

Convention Experiments: "Groping Cheerfully"

Bill Adair,  PolitiFact: "Our free new app: Settle It!  PolitiFact;s Argument Ender"

Cory Bergman, LostRemote: "Second screen apps identify who paid for that political TV ad"

Janko Roettgers, GigaOm: "Boxfish's new TV guide iPad app is like crack for news junkies"

Jeremy Peters, The New York Times: "How the Media Adapt When News Is Scarce"

Alex Fitzpatrick, Mashable: "Obama, Comedians Top Tuesday's Republican Convention Tweets"

Public Editor's Parting Shot

Arthur S. Brisbane, The New York Times: "Success and Risk as The Times Transforms"

Dylan Byers, Politico: "NYT's Abramson rebuts Brisbane charge"

Greg Mitchell, The Nation: "Public Editor's Parting Shot at 'NYT': More Blather About 'Liberal Bias'"

Jonathan S. Tobin, Commentary: "Stating the Obvious About NY Times Bias"

One Small Step for (a) Man...

Staff, Agence France Presse: "Neil Armstrong Was No Fan of Cost-Cutting NASA"

Traci Watson, USA Today: "Armstrong spent last years fighting for human spaceflight"

David Bauder, AP: "Neil Armstrong's Death Draws Limited Television Coverage"

Paul Harris, The Guardian: "Neil Armstrong's death prompts yearning for America's past glories"

Rainne Mendoza Celespara, "Neil Armstrong: How the modern generation pays tribute to his legacy"