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Views of the News: Following Up On True/False

Mar 8, 2016

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It was a big weekend for the Jonathan B. Murray Center for Documentary Journalism at the True/False Film Festival. “Concerned Student 1950,” a film produced by three documentary students, premiered Saturday night. And, professor Robert Greene’s award-winning film “Kate Plays Christine” had its local debut. But, it was filmmaker Spike Lee’s appearance that stole the show.

True/False: “Addition to the line up: Concerned Student 1950

Annie Rees, Hannah Husmann & Danielle Katz: “Spike Lee documents Concerned Student 1950 demonstration for upcoming ’30 for 30’ film

Ben Frederickson, St. Louis Post-Dispatch: “BenFred: A Spike Lee joint on Mizzou boycott? Buckle up

Caitlin Busch, Vox Magazine: “Last but not least: True/False adds ‘Concerned Student 1950’ to schedule

Laura Davis, Vox Magazine: “Yes, Spike Lee was in Columbia for True/False film ‘Concerned Student 1950’

Chris O’Falt, IndieWire: “True/False: ‘Concerned Student 1950’ premieres to emotionally charged crowd, including Spike Lee

Kristen Santer, Indiewire: “’Concerned Student 1950’ documentary to screen at True/False Film Festival

Alan Burdziak, Columbia Daily Tribune: “True/False film documents experience of University of Missouri student protesters

Rudi Keller, Columbia Daily Tribune: “True/False filmmaker sued for defamation in Boone County

Katie Cammarata, KOMU-TV: “Lawsuit filed against one True/False filmmaker

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2016: Candy… when we need spinach

Margaret Sullivan, New York Times: “Waiter, where’s our (political) spinach?

Michael R. Bloomberg, Bloomberg View: “The risk I will not take

Jonathan Lemire, Associated Press: “Bloomberg again at center of his company, but readying exit?

Benjamin Mullin, Poynter: “Michael Bloomberg won’t run for president, sparing his reporters from conflict-of-interest

John Koblin, New York Times: “What did you watch Sunday night? ‘Downton Abbey’ or the debate?

Hadas Gold, POLITICO: “For political media in Flint, the water crisis penetrates the campaign bubble

Michael Calderone, Huffington Post: “Ted Cruz suggests the media is conspiring to help Donald Trump win primary

David Folkenflik, NPR: “Decades later ‘Spy’ magazine founders continue to torment Trump

Turkish paper raided

The Turkish government seized the nation's most widely-circulated newspaper, Zaman.

Natasha Onwuemezi, The Bookseller: “Pullman condemns seizure of Turkish newspaper

Associated Press: “Turkey appoints trustees to opposition-linked news agency

Oliver Ellrodt, Reuters: “Turkey’s Zaman vows to continue as opposition newspaper in German exile

Al Jazeera English: “Turkey’s Zaman: Editorial tone changes after takeover

Safak Timur & Tim Arango, New York Times: “Turkey seizes newspaper, Zaman, as press crackdown continues

Stuart Williams with Fulya Ozerkan, Associated Press: “Turkey newspaper defiant after raid as police disperse protests

Nate Schenkkan, Foreign Policy: “The death blow to Turkey’s media

BBC: “Zaman newspaper: "Turkey police raid press offices in Istanbul

Erin Andrews lawsuit

A jury awards Erin Andrews $55 million for invasion of privacy after a stalker recorded nude video of her through a peephole in a hotel room.

Shelia Burke, Associated Press: “Jurors award Erin Andrews $55M in suit over nude video

TMZ Staff, “Erin Andrews: How $55 million gets whittled away to $6 mil

Richard Deitsch, Sports Illustrated: “Amid Andrews trial, female sports reports open up about safety

Tom Kludt, CNN Money: “Why sportscaster Erin Andrews is suing a hotel for $75 million

Reuven Fenton and Danika Fears, Page Six: “17 million people have viewed Erin Andrews’ nude peephole vid

Tom Kludt, CNN Money: “Erin Andrews tearfully testifies in $75 million stalker trial

Meghan Keneally, ABC News: “Erin Andrews breaks down in court talking about her stalker’s video

Juliet Spies-Gans, Huffington Post: “Just when you thought the Erin Andrews story couldn’t get any worse

Hulk Hogan sex tape trial

Time for the real main event!"I AM" going to slam another Giant! Hogan vrs Gawker! Watcha Gonna Do Gawker? Only Justice Brother HH

— Hulk Hogan (@HulkHogan) March 1, 2016

Nick Madigan, New York Times: “Hulk Hogan takes stand in his sex-tape lawsuit against Gawker”

Tom Kludt, CNN Money: “Hulk Hogan fans – even the youth minister – on his side in sex tape trial

Tom Kludt, CNN Money: “Hulk Hogan can’t compare his case to Erin Andrews’ case, judge rules

Erik Eckholm, New York Times: “Hulk Hogan’s suit over sex tape may test limits of online press freedom

Ryan McCarthy, New York Times: “When a sex tape is newsworthy: Privacy in the Internet era

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Hefner saves high school paper

Playboy magazine founder Hugh Hefner single-handedly saves the students newspaper at his high school alma mater.

Linze Rice, “Hugh Hefner saves embattled school newspaper of his high school alma mater

Linze Rice, “Amid ‘censorship’ flap, Steinmetz to abandon 81-year-old school newspaper

James Warren, Poynter: “How Hugh Hefner keeps a high school paper going strong

Crossword cheat

Oliver Roeder, FiveThirtyEight: “A plagiarism scandal is unfolding in the crossword world

Eli Rosenberg, New York Times: “Questions raised over crosswords seemingly copied from the New York Times