Views of the News: Sandusky "Outtake"; RTDNA Winners; New Reporting Skills; Microsoft Surface

Jun 19, 2012

NBC Pared Key Bit from Sandusky Interview

Joe Cowley, Chicago Sun-Times: "Why did NBC not air the most damning part of Jerry Sandusky-Bob Costas interview?

Alex Weprin, Media Bistro: "Unaired Clip From NBC Jerry Sandusky Interview Airs on 'NBC Nightly News'"

Dan Gross, "NBC News discusses decision to not air complete Sandusky story, plans follow-up Thursday"

Winning "TV" News

Craig Cheatham, KMOV-TV: "Selling St. Louis"

Lee Zurik, WVUE-TV: "Breaking down the Hingle-Bennett case"

Spotlight Team, Boston Globe: "Court mismatch makes OUI justice elusive"

"New" Job Requirements at Times-Picayune

Steve Myers, "Times-Picayune journalists to receive new job descriptions Monday"

"Reporter -- All Topics" job listing on

Paper to Reporter: Don't Embarrass Us

Jim Romenesko: "Freedom's Colorado Springs Gazette Puts Barette Tryon on Administrative Leave"

Pandora Young, Media Bistro: "Freedom Communications' Absurd Social Media Policy Might Just Be Illegal"

Andy Szekeres, petition on "Gazette: Reverse your arcane social media policy and defend free speech"

NPR's Social Media Guidelines

Finally a Worthy Competitor for iPad?

Nick Winfield, The New York Times: "Microsoft Introduces a Challenger to the iPad"

Ian Sherr, The Wall Street Journal: "Microsoft's Surface Tablet Another Sign of Apple's Disruptions"

Ed Bott, ZDNet: "Microsoft's new Surface tablets make a solid first impression"

Troy Wolverton, San Jose Mercury-News: "iPad may finally face a rival with Microsoft's Surface"