Views of the News: Ten Years of True/False, Oscar Docs, O'Brien, CNN & Diversity

Feb 27, 2013

Ten Years of True/False: Previewing the Fest

True/False Film Fest official site

Pter Gerard & Paul Sturtz and David Wilson, Indiewire: "Why the Hell is One of the Most Well-Respected Doc Fests in Columbia, Missouri?"

Intersection, KBIA: "A look at the True/False Film Festival" (interview with Paul Sturtz and David Wilson)

Based On A True Story II: the intersections of documentary film & journalism 

Marlow Stern, The Daily Beast: "Sundance's 'Manhunt': Three CIA Agents Who Hunted bin Laden Tell All"

Tim Wu, Slate: "If You Care About the Environment, You Should Support Nuclear Power" (review of Pandora's Promise)

The Oscars: Documentary Winners "Documentary Short Winner Inocente" "Documentary Feature Winner Searching For Sugar Man"

Palestinian Oscar Nominee: Was He Profiled?

Alistair Dawber, The Independent: "Emad Burnat: The Oscar-nominated Palestinian farmer who survived bullets, arrests and being held at LAX airport"

Danny Shea, The Huffington Post: "Glenn Greenwald Rails Against BuzzFeed: 'Reckless and Irresponsible,' 'Government-Subservient Stenography'"

Alexander Abad-Santos, The Atlantic: "Michael Moore and Buzzfeed Call Each Other Liars"

O'Brien Won't Anchor, But Will Make Documentaries for CNN

Jack Mirkinson, The Huffington Post: "Soledad O'Brien: CNN Transition a 'Win-Win,' Morning Show 'Didn't Have a Lot of Support'"

Richard Prince, The Root: "CNN's New Journalism Hires are All White"