Views Preview: Chris Hansen Wants To Bring Back 'Predator' Series

Apr 14, 2015

From NBC's "To Catch a Predator"
Credit Courtesy NBC

Remember NBC’s franchise, “To Catch a Predator?” Chris Hansen does, and he hopes you do, too. The former network investigative reporter is launching a Kickstarter campaign to revive the one-time hit. If he’s successful in raising $400,000, his new program “Hansen vs. Predator” will run online while Hansen tries to sell it to a network.

Stephen Battaglio, Los Angeles Times: “Chris Hansen using crowd funding to get back to catching predators

Mark Joyella, TV Newser: “Chris Hansen using Kickstarter to fund new predator project

Verizon's DROID Turbo
Credit Via Flickr user aarontraffas

Reporter’s mobile review

KFRU-AM news anchor and reporter David Gaines wrote a review of the new Verizon DROID Turbo mobile device for the Verizon website. The telecom company loaned Gaines the device for the purpose of the review. Is this an ethical practice for news reporters to undertake? Our panel will discuss.

David Gaines, Verizon: “Your first source for news: Radio and Smartphone technology

Journalist burnout

Being a journalist is an exhausting -- sometimes thankless -- job. It's no surprise that those in our profession tend to burn out at a young age. A University of Kansas study looked at burnout rates and found they're much higher among women.

Jim Romenesko: “Female journalists more likely to suffer burnout and leave profession than men

Press Release, University of Kansas: “Study shows journalism burnout affecting women more than men

Credit Courtesy Hillary for America

Clinton’s Announcement

Hillary Clinton made her candidacy for president official on Sunday with an announcement via social media. What has people talking, though? An off-the-record meeting with journalists Friday night and that logo.

Michael Calderone, Huffington Post: “Hillary Clinton team holds off-the-record journalist dinner ahead of 2016 announcement

Annie Karni, POLITICO: “Hillary Clinton formally announces 2016 run

Zeke J. Miller: “2016 rivals respond to Clinton announcement

Jackson Connor, Huffington Post: “Chuck Todd grades Hlllary Clinton’s campaign launch

Team Fix, Washington Post: “How Hillary announced today vs how she did it 8 years ago

Alfred Maskeroni, AdWeek: “Is Hillary Clinton’s campaign logo as bad as everyone is saying?

TomMcKay, PolicyMic: “Everyone’s freaking out about Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign logo

Credit Courtesy Fox News Channel

Interviewing Rand Paul

Rand Paul has had a tough week when it comes to interviews. He got into a screaming match with NBC's Savannah Guthrie. He got into it with Fox News Channel's Megyn Kelly... and he walked off of a live interview with the Guardian. What's behind the adversarial relationship with the press? And, could it stand to hurt him this early in the campaign?

Hadas Gold, POLITICO: “Rand Paul: I’m testy with male and female reporters

Hadas Gold, POLITICO: “Megyn Kelly grills Rand Paul on female interviewers

Hadas Gold, POLITICO: “Rand Paul walks out of Guardian interview”http://Hadas Gold, POLITICO: “Rand Paul walks out of Guardian interview”

Using Yik Yak

The University of Florida plans to experiment with the anonymous social networking platform Yik Yak to publish news content using geolocation to reach highly targeted audiences.

Jack Shepherd, “University of Florida explores geolocation news feeds

Tom Grubisich, StreetFight: “Yik Yak makes inroads as a more serious news service