Views Preview: Covering the Ebola in the U.S.

Oct 7, 2014

Credit Courtesy NIAID

The diagnoses of two high-profile cases of Ebola have changed how the media is covering the viral outbreak in the United States. 

A freelance photojournalist working for NBC News said he started to feel symptoms a few days after joining the crew.  He's back in the United States, and his prognosis is reportedly good.  His colleagues -- NBC employees -- are home, too, in self-quarantined for a period of 21 days.

Bill Carter, New York Times: “Ebola strikes NBC News cameraman in Liberia

Meghan Keneally, ABC News: “US journalist believes he got Ebola while cleaning infected car

Michael Zennie and Sarah Malm, Daily Mail: “NBC cameraman with Ebola Ashoka Mukpo is ‘reincarnation of Tibetan teacher’

Naming the Dallas patient

The first person diagnosed with Ebola on U.S. soil is a Liberian man who likely came into the country while contagious.  It's believed that he potentially exposed as many as 100 people to the virus.  His name was broadcast far and wide. It was published in newspapers and online.  But, should it have been?  Or, as a private citizen did he have a greater expectation of privacy?

Ethics Handbook, NPR: “On why we didn’t join the rush to name the Ebola patient

Tom Kent, The Associated Press: “Some guidance on Ebola and enterovirus coverage

Lenny Bernstein, The Washington Post: “Reporting on Ebola: The first rule is you don’t touch anything

The good, the bad and the ugly

The media's desire to keep this story going is strong.  In the process, some outlets are doing a great job of producing quality explainer journalism that is full of useful information.  Some others are talking to hear themselves talk.

Rem Rieder, USA Today: “Rieder: A new website totally focused on Ebola

Jeremy Ashkenas, Larry Buchanan, Joe Burgess, Denis Grady, Josh Keller, Patrick J. Lyons, Heather Murphy, Haeyoun Park, Sergio Peçanha and Karen Yourish, The New York Times: “What are the chances Ebola will spread in the U.S.?

Jolie Lee, USA Today Network: “Ebola virus: What you need to know about the deadly outbreak

CBC News: “Ebola outbreak: Here’s what you need to know

Brian Stelter, CNN: “Media treatment of Ebola going too far?

Catherine Taibi, Huffington Post: “Fox news host knows the real danger of Ebola: Witch doctors

Credit Courtesy HBO

John Oliver sneaking in reporting

When Daily Show alum John Oliver launched his HBO show, Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, a few months ago he insisted he wasn't a journalist and his show shouldn't be considered journalism.  But, audiences and journalists are quickly getting a different impression.

Asawin Suebsaeng, Daily Beast: “’Last Week Tonight’ does real journalism, no matter what John Oliver says

John Oliver, Salon: "John Oliver won't be your therapist: How he torpedoed the reassuring tropes of fake news"

Prachi Gupta, Salon: "Must-see morning clip: Latest amazing John Oliver segment tackles 'legalized robbery by law enforcement'"

David Uberti, Columbia Journalism Review: "4 topics John Oliver explained more clearly than television news"

David Bauder, Associated Press: "John Oliver is doing some really good investigative journalism"


Laverne Cox at Mizzou

Emmy-nominated actress Laverne Cox spoke to a sold-out crowd at the Missouri Theatre Monday night.  Cox gained fame for her role of Sophia Burset in the Netflix series Orange is the New Black.  Cox is also a transgender woman.

The Missourian was the only publication to use Cox's birth name in its coverage.  It appeared in the online version of the story until it was removed shortly after 7 p.m. Tuesday following criticism from readers.

Cox's birth name never appeared in the Missourian's print edition.

Mary Kaleta, Columbia Missourian: “Laverne Cox tells her story, talks about role in ‘Orange is the New Black’

Arial Ruffin, KOMU: “Laverne Cox takes the stage at the Missouri Theatre

Ashley Jost, Columbia Daily Tribune: “’Orange is the New Black’ co-star discusses gender identity

Emma Diltz, The Maneater: “Laverne Cox speaks of gender equality and expression

The boys of fall are here!

The Cardinals in the post-season? Well, that's nothing new.  But, for Royals fans, this is most definitely a season to remember.  It's been a hoot watching the diehards cheering on their team, seeing the excitement boil over -- first making it to the Wild Card and then sweeping the Angels in the American League Division Series. Apparently, even Major League Ball was surprised!