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Views Preview: Did Journalists Fail To Cover Terror Attacks As Trump Claims?

Feb 7, 2017

Credit Gage Skidmore / Flickr

Did journalists really fail to report on more than 75 terror attacks like President Trump claims? Or, is he exaggerating to cover up for an advisor’s comments about the non-existent Bowling Green “massacre?”

Mark Hensch & Jordan Fabian: “White House lists terror attacks it claims media ignored

Jason Linkins, Huffington Post: “Does the media fail to report terrorism, as Donald Trump claims?

Aaron Blake, Washington Post: “InfoWars is behind President Trump’s idea that the media is covering up terrorist attacks

Philip Bump, Washington Post: “President Trump is now speculating that the media is covering up terrorist attacks

Alana Horowitz Satlin, Huffington Post: “Anderson Cooper shuts down the White House’s terrorism list in just 45 seconds

O’Reilly vs. the Kremlin

Maria Tsvetkova & Andrew Osborn, Reuters: “Kremlin says it wants apology from Fox News over Putin comments

Becca Stanek, The Week: “Russia is demanding an apology from Fox News

Komiko de Freytas-Tamura, New York Times: “Kremlin asks Fox News to apologize to Putin after O’Reilly calls him ‘a killer’

Daniel Holloway, Variety: “Bill O’Reilly responds to Vladimir Putin’s apology demand

Erik Wemple, Washington Post: “Fox News’s Bill O’Reilly pokes Kremlin over ‘killer’ controversy

Politics & The Super Bowl

84 Lumber: “84 Lumber Super Bowl Commercial

Aimee Picchi, CBS Moneywatch: “Super Bowl commercials 2017: Political pitfalls

Eric Deggans, NPR: “Super Bowl Ads 2017: What works, what doesn’t and what gets political

Sapna Maheshwari ,New York Times: “Challenge for Super Bowl commercials: Not taking sides politically

Laura Bradley, Vanity Fair: “Why one Super Bowl ad was deemed too political for TV

Adam Chandler, The Atlantic: “Budweiser’s totally-not-political Super Bowl ad

Gerry Smith, Bloomberg: “Super Bowl ads: Budweiser denies it’s a political message

Nick Maslow, Entertainment Weekly: “Super Bowl 51: Airbnb’s ad celebrates acceptance

Mark Leibovich, New York Times: “The uncomfortable love affair between Donald Trump and the New England Patriots

Raul A. Reyes, CNN, “Super Bowl immigration ads miss the mark

Jason Del Rey, Recode, “Budweiser is winning the Super Bowl attention battle with this immigration-themed ad

Cindy Boren, The Washington Post, “A boycott movement begins over Super Bowl immigration ad

Jon Pareles, New York Times: “Lady Gaga at the Super Bowl: No controversy, lots of glitter

Philip Picardi, Teen Vogue: “If you think Lady Gaga’s Super Bowl performance wasn’t political, you missed the point

Mikael Wood, Los Angeles Times: “Lady Gaga’s Super Bowl show was only as political as you wanted it to be

Need a change?

Christopher Mele, New York Times: “Fatigued by the news? Experts suggest how to adjust your media diet

It’s not fake news… it’s satire!

David Bauder, Associated Press: “False news, absurd reality present challenges for satirists

Stephen Marche, Sun-Sentinel: “Is left-wing satire a form of fake news?

Nicky Woolf, The Guardian: “As fake news takes over Facebook feeds, many are taking satire as fact

Alex Weprin, POLITICO: “HBO’s John Oliver on how to avoid the ‘all Trump all the time’ comedy trap

Snapchat files IPO

Shira Ovide, Bloomberg Gadfly, “The problem with Snapchat’s IPO

Valentina Zarya, Fortune: “Snap’s one female board member makes less than her male colleagues

Richard Nieva and Shara Tibken, CNET, “Sexting and Brexit: things we learned from Snap’s IPO filing

Katie Benner & Micahel J. de la Merced, New York Times: “Who’s going to be a millionaire? The biggest winners of Snap’s I.P.O.

Katie Benner, New York Times: “Snap’s chief taps into the ‘right now’

Christopher Mims, Wall Street Journal: “Why Snapchat is the new TV

Caitlin Huston, Market Watch, “Snap IPO: Six things we now know about Snapchat’s parent company